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About docusign

Accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device, the DocuSign Global Network connects companies to their customers, partners, suppliers and employees where they can transact business with confidence.

Customers of all sizes solve their paper problems by easily replacing manual, paper-based methods to decrease contract cycle times, reduce costs, improve visibility and control, and enhance customer satisfaction.

DocuSign helps your world work better with the easiest, fastest, most secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the cloud. It's the global standard for electronic signature.

Docusign brings Royal Arcanum members the ability to electronically sign documents from the comfort of their homes with nothing more than a computer. What would normally require a trip to the post office or a scan and email, can now happen right in your web browser.


lock security

DocuSign meets or exceeds national and international security standards, including strict security policies and practices that set the standard for world-class information security. We continually drive industry best practices in third-party audits and certifications, third-party assessments, and on-site customer reviews.

How to get started

Royal Arcanum now has now has the ability to allow members to complete forms online with a Digital Document Service called Docusign. If you have email and want to make a change quickly and securely this is for you.

You can still print the requested form and mail it in to the home office if you choose.

Here's how it works,

1. Lets us know what form you need via the docusign request link below.
Click to request Docusign form
2. You will receive and email from us Via Docusign.
3. Complete the necessary information in the form and Digitally Sign.
4. When you complete the form Royal Arcanum will be notified and you'll get a copy of your completed form emailed to you along with a reply from the home office noting that the change has been made to your Insurance or annuity.


Many forms ready for use


Electronic signatures are valid and legally binding around the world. DocuSign provides industry-leading levels of eSignature enforceability and in many cases warrants compliance with a variety or laws and statutes. For companies and individuals it’s a risk to not go with DocuSign.

Signing is easy

Step 1.
Click the link in your notification email

You'll be taken directly from the alert email into DocuSign to begin the signing process.

Step 2.
You’ll be guided through the signing process

Easy-to-follow instructions and Sign Here tabs guide you smoothly through the signing process.

Step 3.
Confirm signing

When you’re finished, click Confirm Signing and DocuSign will send email alerts to everyone verifying that the document has been signed. You’re done!

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