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Dariana spent a few hours at the Cradles to Crayons Brighton MA warehouse. She was assigned to work in one of four stations.

The first station receives donations to the warehouse. This group organizes the donations into what can be given to children and what is no longer usable. They also separate items into groups of gender, age and season. Cradles to Crayons wants to make sure that they provide to children what they would want and be proud of wearing themselves!

The second station double checks the clothes and makes sure they are dignified for children to wear. They check zippers and buttons to make sure they are in working condition. (As an extra bonus to kids any cash found in pockets the kids get to keep as it's nearly impossible to track it's original owner)

The third station puts clothes into bags by gender and age. In a clear bag, zip lock or by elastic bands they put an outfit together, several books, toys, shoes, hygiene bags etc. Once they are done they store the bags in the shopping section of the warehouse.

The final station is the shopping station which is the station Dariana was assigned to. This station received a number of shopping lists provided by social workers and families in the communities that specify what their children need. We then go around the shopping section and collect the items on the list. Unfortunately, they have supply shortage on items for boys 7 and over, as well as on shoes from ages 5 to adults. Once all the items available are collected we enter them into a clear plastic bag with the attached shopping list and place them in a cart until they are delivered.

Overall, Dariana had a great experience! They mentioned that they heavily rely on volunteers to sort and help in the warehouse as they do not have the man power to do so on there own. They also expressed gratitude to everyone who donated and helped out.

Dariana was thankful for being allowed to do her share in making a difference in the world!



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