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The Royal Arcanum is the only surviving founding member of the American Fraternal Alliance (formerly the National Fraternal Congress of America), an organization representing 70 fraternal benefit societies and millions of fraternalists.

Founded with unselfish motives on the part of its creators, conducted upon sound business principles, improved by an experience of over One Hundred and Thirty Five years, it has all the facilities for successfully promoting its objectives. Those objectives include:

Uniting fraternally all eligible male and female persons of sound bodily health and good moral standing, who are socially acceptable.

Giving moral and material aid in its power to its members and those dependent on them.

Teaching morality without religious distinction, patriotism without partisanship, and brotherhood without creed or class.

Educating the members socially, morally and intellectually.

Assisting the families of deceased members.

Establishing funds for the payment of Death Benefits, Educational Loans and Annuities.

Our History

The Royal Arcanum has a rich tradition of history and has dedicated itself to supporting and protecting families since 1877.

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1950s picnic

Our members

We have over 20,000 members over the United States and parts of Canada. In recent years we had added the Sons of Poland, ALS, and the other Societies to our Fraternal Family. Our members are actively involved in acts of fraternalism and charity through fund raisers and events. Additionally, our members, both young and old, strive to spend time together by attending council activities and mini-vacations. Click here for more.

In memoriam

You will find a list of our recently deceased members. Click here


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