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Royal Arcanum has awarded over $1 million dollars in scholarship money!

Our Fraternal College Assistance Program IS Your Solution:

The Supreme Council of the Royal Arcanum throughout the years has been proud to help our young adults with their higher education. We offer college assistance to offset the ever-increasing costs of going to college, the lack of time and savings of parents with college bound students and the increasing complexity of the government financial aid system. According to the Wall Street Journal "The Price of Not Going to College is Greater Than the Cost of Going to college".


Members in good standing belong for life.

Make Your Children's Education a Reality!

Royal Arcanum awarded $52,525 in
scholarships in 2014.

A modern Life Insurance Certificate with the Royal Arcanum will provide Fraternal Membership. As a Benefit Member you are eligible to participate in our comprehensive college assistance program.

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Royal Arcanum awarded $50,805 in scholarships in 2013!!!

As a benefit member you are eligible to participate in our comprehensive college assistance program.

Our program will offer you:

Parents Educational Loan Program
Up to 3 children can be eligible for a college loan when the parent purchases a Royal Arcanum permanent life insurance policy after September 1, 2004


For monthly premium of:
$40 - one child is eligible
$70 - two children are eligible
$100 - three children are eligible

Loan amount is dependent on the age of the child at the time the policy is purchased:

Age 0-4 qualifies for $10,000 loan
Age 5-9 qualifies for $ 6,000 loan
Age 10-14 qualifies for $ 4,000 loan

Interest rate 4%

The child or children must also be enrolled for a minimum of $5000 permanent insurance or $25,000 term insurance

Our own Undergraduate Loans
Up to $10,000

Our Graduate Educational Loans
Up to $4,000

Loans from Lenders Independent of the Royal Arcanum
Borrow up to the cost of college minus financial aid
High Approval Rates
Signature loans - borrower's/cosigner's
Competitive Interest Rate
Convenient Repayment

Make your children's education a reality!!

$50 Training reimbursement for students:

All Junior Members age 18 and below taking a SAT, ACT, PSAT, and LSAT training program are eligible for up to a $50 reimbursement

In order to be reimbursed for a training class please mail a copy of your paid receipt to the Home Office 61 Batteymarch Street, Boston, MA 02110, attention Dotti Pagnani.

Our program will offer you:

Our Continuing Education Grant
Four Grants - $750 each
[Application Form]

Orphan Scholarships
Up to $20,000

Our Competitive Scholarships
[Application Form]
(Two) $ 2,500/year • $10,000 total
(Two) $ 2,000/year • $8,000 total
(Two) $1,250/year • $5,000 total
(Ten) $375/year • $1,500 total
Based on Membership and Merit


Our Non Competitive College Grant
Five Grants - $600 each for High School Seniors
[Application Form]

Ten Grants - $250 each for College Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
[Application Form]

NEW Four Career Training Awards for Adults - $500 each
[Application Form]

Chosen at Random

College Search

Career Search

Private Scholarship Search

These listed benefits are available if you meet program eligibility requirements

A modern life insurance certificate with the Royal Arcanum will provide fraternal membership.


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