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Not sure you have enough family protection? With this plan, Adults Ages 45 - 85 can get a little bit more.

The Plan

With the Graded Benefit life plan, Adults ages 45 - 85* can get from $2,500 to $15,000 of coverage with No Medical Exam and rates that don't go up!!


You are guaranteed this insurance if you can make the following statements in the

1) I am not now confined to a bed, or in a hospital, clinic, rest or
convalescent home.

2) I have not been diagnosed or treated by a licensed medical doctor for AIDS or AIDS Related Complex (ARC).

Plan Provisions

1) 1st certificate year - the
premiums paid will be returned without interest.

2) 2nd certificate year - The death benefit is 50% of the face amount.

3) 3rd certificate year - The death benefit is 75% of the face amount.

4) 4th certificate year or
thereafter - The death benefit is the face amount

If death in the first, second, or third year results directly from accidental bodily injury, the death benefit will be the face amount

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Please contact the home office to find out more about how Whole Life Plans can help to protect your family. Contact us!

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Family Protection Plan for folks who just want to make sure they have it covered.

This plan is not available in all states. Please contact the home Office for plan specifics based upon your state of residence.

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