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Simplified Issue/ Final Expense

Whole life plans are permanent protection for your loved ones that build cash value each year.

Issue Ages
No Medical Exam

Minimum Face Amount
Age 20-85** $2,500

Maximum Amount
Age 20-69** $50,000
Age 70-85** $25,000

*Not Available in all States
** Maximum issue age for Washington is 65

* Plan Benefits
  * No increase of premium
  * No decrease of death benefit
  * No medical exam
  * Cash accumulation values
* Certificate Loans

* Payment to Beneficiary
* Extended Protection
* Convenient Premium Payments
* Dividend Participation
* Simplified Application
  - Full underwriting not required
  -* Full face amount payable in first year
  * Subject to contestable period in first 2     years.
* Paid-Up Protection
* Attractive And Distinctive Settlement Options - Upon The Death Of The Insured
* Membership

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